BIBLE Basics
Study 8: The Nature of Jesus
Introduction | Differences Between God and Jesus | The Nature of Jesus | The Humanity of Jesus | The Relationship of God with Jesus | Digressions ("Being in the form of God") | Questions

STUDY 8: Questions

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  1. Does the Bible teach that God is a trinity?

  2. List three differences between God and Jesus.

  3. In which of the following ways was Jesus different from us?
    He never sinned
    He was God's own begotten son
    He could never have sinned
    He was forced to be righteous by God.

  4. In which of the following ways was Jesus similar to God?
    He had God's nature in his life on earth
    He had a perfect character like God
    He knew as much as God
    He was directly equal to God.

  5. In which of the following ways was Jesus like us?
    He had all of our temptations and human experiences
    He sinned while a young child
    He needed salvation
    He had human nature

  6. Which of the following statements are true?
    Jesus was of a perfect nature and perfect character
    Jesus was of sinful nature but perfect character
    Jesus was both very God and very man
    Jesus had the nature of Adam before he sinned.

  7. Did Jesus have the possibility of sinning?