BIBLE Basics
Study 1: God
The Existence of God | The Personality of God | God's Name and Character | The Angels | Digressions ("God Is A Spirit", The Use of God's Name, God Manifestation) | Questions

STUDY 1: Questions

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  1. What will most help develop our faith in God?
    Going to church
    Prayerful Bible study
    Talking to Christians
    Looking at nature.

  2. Which of the following is the most correct definition of God?
    Just an idea in our mind
    A piece of Spirit in the atmosphere
    There is no God
    A real, material person

  3. Is God
    A unity
    A trinity
    Many gods in one
    Impossible to define in any way?

  4. What does God's Name 'Yahweh Elohim' mean?
    He who will be
    He who will be revealed in a group of mighty ones
    A great one

  5. What does the word 'Angel' mean?
    Wing covered

  6. Can Angels sin?

  7. What most convinces you that there is a God?